Holiday Gift Bundle - Instant Pot

Items included in Instant Pot Holiday Gift Bundle:

  • Freezer Meals in an Instant Cookbook
  • Silicone Pinch Mitts {Set of 4}
  • BONUS: Freezer Cooking Success Guide

Freezer Meals in an Instant Cookbook
Make ahead freezer meals have always been the most convenient and affordable weeknight dinner option for busy families.

With Freezer Meals in an Instant, dinner is even more hands-off and hassle-free. The practicality and simplicity of make ahead freezer meals is undeniable. They are cheaper than fast food, faster than sitting in the drive thru, and the health and nutrition of these meals surpasses the other fast-food options out there. Freezer-meal fanatic, Erin Chase of MyFreezEasy, brings you a collection of delicious recipes that go straight from the freezer to the electric pressure cooker (Instant Pot.) She's unlocked the secret to the fastest possible meal at home by combining the convenience of freezer meals with the speed of the electric pressure cooker - it's a magical combination that will change they way you operate in the kitchen. In her first freezer meals cookbook, Freezer Meals in an Instant, Erin brings together her love of budget-friendly recipes with freezer-friendly ingredients, that stand up to the cooking power of the electric pressure cooker. These recipes included in this cookbook will help you spend less time in the kitchen, and more time doing what you love.

Silicone "Pinch" Oven Mitts {Set of 4}

HEAT RESISTANT - Up to 450 F. If using for pots, pans or trays that might be hotter than 450 F, it's recommended to use 2 pinch oven mitts nested together on each hand. Burn-proof.
EASY TO USE - Slip your thumb into the smaller pocket and your other fingers into the larger pocket, then grab hold of the hot items. *Alway use caution with hot items to avoid burns.* Non-slip and non-skid.
EASY TO STORE - Takes up a small corner of the kitchen drawer next to your stovetop and oven. Pinch oven mitts 'nest' together to reduce space and clutter.
EASY TO CLEAN - Rinse with warm, soapy water and let air dry.
FREEZEASY BLUE - Available in signature FreezEasy blue color.

Made of FDA Approved Food Grade Quality Silicone, non-toxic

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