Intentional Bites Planner

Despite what we see and hear in many different product messages and claims, there is no “get better quick scheme" when it comes to your health and wellness. There’s no magic pill, no magic exercise. It just doesn't exist.

It’s going to take time, effort and focus to accomplish the goals you have for your fitness and your diet.

Small, positive choices made over time yield measurable results on your health journey. 

The Intentional Bites Planner is here to assist and guide you on your journey to finding the right fuel and food for your body.

The IBP was created and designed by Erin Chase, after she went through several rounds of "elimination diets" to discover what foods were contributing to the frustrating symptoms. She searched for a tool to help her through the process and couldn't find one.

Now, there's one to help you!   

The Intentional Bites Planner Includes: 

  • Intentional Bites Planner (sent via mail)
  • Access to Private Facebook Group
  • Monthly Inspiration & Phone Wallpapers
  • Motivation and Healthy Recipes


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