Silicone "Pinch" Oven Mitts {Set of 2}

Say goodbye to clunky oven mitts!!! You'll soon wonder how you ever lived without these in your kitchen!

HEAT RESISTANT - Up to 450 F. If using for pots, pans or trays that might be hotter than 450 F, it's recommended to use 2 pinch oven mitts nested together on each hand. Burn-proof. 

EASY TO USE - Slip your thumb into the smaller pocket and your other fingers into the larger pocket, then grab hold of the hot items. *Alway use caution with hot items to avoid burns.* Non-slip and non-skid. 

EASY TO STORE - Takes up a small corner of the kitchen drawer next to your stovetop and oven. Pinch oven mitts 'nest' together to reduce space and clutter. 

EASY TO CLEAN - Rinse with warm, soapy water and let air dry. 

FREEZEASY BLUE - Available in signature FreezEasy blue color. 

Made of FDA Approved Food Grade Quality Silicone, non-toxic 

FREE Shipping in USA!

Also sold as Set of 4

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