Freezer Meal Bag Holders {Set of 2}


Freezer Meal Bag Holders {Set of 2}

Ever feel like you need a third hand in the kitchen? Want to avoid catastrophic messes during your freezer meal prep sessions? 

Keep Bags Open While You Load Ingredients for Freezer Meals. 

Holds Quart & Gallon Size Baggies.

Folds Flat for Easy Storage.

Dishwasher Friendly.

Doubles as Drying Rack for Plastic Baggies.

Watch and see how useful these are when working in the kitchen! 

Sold in set of 2. 

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About FreezEasy

FreezEasy is a new freezer cooking strategy and method for getting delicious, wholesome meals into your freezer from Erin Chase of $5 Dinners.

Erin's goal is to help you spend less money on groceries, by getting organized and planning your meals and loading your freezer with quick and easy meals.

Her strategy with FreezEasy is to equip you to make freezer meals and get them into your freezer in less than one hour. (Yes, you read that right. It's totally possible!)

It’s Freezer Cooking in a Flash.

She wants you to become the queen and supreme ruler in your kitchen, where you get a delicious dinner on the table without any fuss. It’s high time you feel like you have your act together in the kitchen and with getting dinner made for your family.

When you can get delicious, budget-friendly meals into the freezer this quickly, you’ll find yourself with more time to spend with your family AND be on your way to achieving financial freedom or your next financial goal! 

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